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Naptidi Large - Flap Outside

The NapTidi is a slimline cutlery bag measuring 235 x 72 mm. It comes with a white 2-ply 40 x 40 cm napkin.
At an additional cost, you can choose from different napkin colours.
Our patented cutlery bag has an outside flap to close the cutlery bag completely, which makes it even more hygienic!
The standard NapTidi Large comes packed in a box of 600 pieces. The personalised version comes packed in a box of 500 pieces.

Naptidi Pro - NEW

After a long period of designing, researching and testing, we have managed to produce our Naptidi Large Flap Inside cutlery bag more efficiently.
In addition to a better look and feel, this also provides the following benefits:  

• The size has been adjusted to create more body in the bag to 235 x 80mm.
The outside size is slightly wider and the inside size is slightly narrower.
This keeps the cutlery better in place in the bag.
• The 2-ply napkin is produced from roll and has a dimension of 33 x 38 cm.
In addition, you can choose from the following napkin colors WITHOUT extra costs:
white, champagne, black, red, burgundy, orange or lime.
• The production time will be much shorter due to the more efficient process, namely 5 to 7 weeks.
• And of course the price, which is considerably more favorable than the current model.

The NapTidi Pro comes packed in a box of 520 pieces