Innovators in disposables

Hodi International - Innovaters in Disposables

Hodi International BV manufactures cutlery bags and many other catering supplies and tableware disposables. Our products meet the highest quality standards and are very competitively priced. 
Hodi International mainly produces cutlery bags, which are also known as cutlery pochettes, cutlery sleeves, cutlery pouches or cutlery covers.  Our products, the NapTidi, the Pochetto, the NapkinSleeve and the GastroSleeve are special products which are widely used in many countries around the world.
All products can also be custom printed - we will design a print for you that matches your needs, free of charge. This will provide you with a beautifully printed cutlery bag to complement your catering business. 

Since the company was founded, our focus has been purely on developing, producing and selling our cutlery bags.
As a manufacturer, we possess an outstanding degree of expertise when it comes to product options and customer requirements.
With over 15 years of experience, our team of specialists is ready to answer your questions and handle your requests. We always maintain contact through a dedicated advisor who knows the market well and acts transparently and honestly.
This makes Hodi International a proven and reliable partner.